Den Herberg Devillé's Whisky

Devillé's Whisky

Devill’s Whisky – 8y – botteling 11/2022

The first impression of this powerful nose starts with a mix of red cherries and white chocolate.
A soft creaminess of cocoa butter turns into a light oak touch with vanilla, yellow fruit and stewed pears.
With some water, the fruitiness is enhanced and we detect even more pear, apple compote, apricot to elderflower and lychee.

On the palate a soft yet intense chocolate praline is discerned with notes of (a) cherry liqueur turning very slowly into butterscotch with hazelnut and almond.
With some water we get more fruitiness and a warm spiciness with gentle peppers in the aftertaste. Tannins provide a slightly astringent woody touch.

A nice long finish with a rich palate of fruit such as cherries, grapes, pear and peach.

You can enjoy this unfiltered (or non-filtered) whisky at cask strength as well as slightly diluted.
It remains pure and you get different accents in the bouquet. Its colour is between maroon and dark bronze. The long maturation in STR (shaved, toasted, re-charred) barrels has clearly done it good.